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Effectively promoting your business in an age where the rules seem to change every day can be scary. We're here to make that process a LOT less terrifying.

Our niche is sole proprietors and small businesses which are looking to establish a credible presence wherever their customers and prospective customers may be found. (And honestly, a lot of the people who are worth reaching are online.) We're not particularly interested in working with companies which already have super-sophisticated (possibly overkill) Internet advertising / social media marketing plans in action and teams of flying monkeys to help forward the organization's plan of total world domination. (And those companies probably wouldn't want anything to do with us, either.)



Instead, we try to keep it real.

We want to come in, help you decide what your objectives are, and work with you to develop a strategy (or strategies) for meeting your goals. It's important to us that you feel comfortable with what we're developing together, that it reflects and remains true to your vision of your company and the brand you've worked hard to create.

We like to explain things in language you understand, not obscure marketing lingo. If part of your plan is to ultimately hire one or more in-house marketers, we can help you with that, too. And if you like us well enough to want to keep us around, well....that would really make our day!



We're not into game-playing. Everyone knows that it's important to rank high in search engine results; we just have a different way of trying to get you there.

Other companies may brag that they can help you "get around" search engine algorithms or make big promises about first-page placement. But without the right messages, top placement means nothing. We're about helping you create content from the get-go that's so compelling that there's nothing to "get around" or change each time an algorithm shifts. With our help, you'll be publishing exactly the kind of content that people find useful and search engines find relevant. You'll be earning good placement in search engine results the right way.

We also think that focusing solely on the short-term, without paying sufficient attention to how those campaigns help or hinder your longer-range goals, is just reckless. We don't offer quick-fix gimmicks: instead, you'll find just practical, integrity-packed solutions.



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